How to Replace a Lamp in an Inspiron 600m?

Answer The backlight lamp is a small bulb inside your laptop's LCD screen; it lights up the screen and allows you to view graphics and video. But just like any type of light bulb, your backlight lamp will... Read More »

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Does a dell inspiron 600m include gps?

The Dell 600M Inspiron is no longer being built. Dell's Inspiron 600M does not include GPS capabilities. This capability is only available through an add-on purchased through Dell's parts and acces... Read More »

How to Remove the Hard Drive on an Inspiron 600M?

Dell's Inspiron 600m is a laptop designed for home use and has a removable hard drive that is user-serviceable. The hard drive is accessible enough that even novice users can remove it, and it only... Read More »

How to Add an External Hard Drive to an Inspiron 600M?

Increase the storage capacity of your Dell Inspiron 600M laptop by adding an external hard drive. An external drive hooks up to a port on your computer, giving you additional storage capacity for a... Read More »

How long does it take to recharge the battery on an inspiron 600m laptop?

The Dell Inspiron M600 battery takes approximately one hour to charge when the battery is completed discharged. This is assuming that the laptop is turned off, which allows for faster charging. Acc... Read More »