How to Replace a Karcher Water Inlet Elbow?

Answer One of the most common issues with a Karcher pressure washer is a broken inlet elbow. This usually happens from freezing temperatures with water remaining in the valve. The water inlet valve is a t... Read More »

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What should the Delta T temperature difference be between the water inlet and the water outlet on a swimming pool heat pump?

How to Check the Valve on a Cold Water Inlet?

Washing machines use cold and hot water inlet valves to supply the correct temperature water for the machine to wash and rinse clothing. The washer's timer designates when the valve opens to allow ... Read More »

What is the meaning of water inlet of washing machine?

It means where the water will be coming from. So you attach the water hose from tap to water inlet of the washing machine so that it can draw water and use it in the machine.The water outlet is whe... Read More »

Why would the Voltage at the dish washer Water inlet Transformer only be 11 volts?

There should be a wiring drawing for the unit in it. That should give the information you need. If you need help reading the drawing, contact the local service center for a professional to do the... Read More »