How to Replace a Jetta Throttle Body Hose?

Answer A leaky hose on or around your throttle body allows contaminants into your vacuum system, engine cooling system, or even the cylinders. As such, it is important that you replace torn or otherwise d... Read More »

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Where Is the Jetta Throttle Body Hose?

Originally known as the Fox, the Volkswagon Jetta is one of the oldest non-Beetle Volkswagens sold in America. The Jetta was originally based on the VW Golf hatchback, with a trunk grafted on to co... Read More »

How to Replace the Throttle Body in a VW Jetta?

Jetta is Volkswagen's best-selling model in the U.S. The Jetta established itself as a undeniable force after undergoing a total redesign in the mid-1990s. Volkswagen has grown the Jetta along with... Read More »

Why does your 91 corvette run bad and sounds like a vacuum cleaner sucking too much air at the throttle body to the hose to the air cleaner?

Answer Look at 2 things. Replace the air filter ASAP. Check to make sure the air intake before the filter is not clogged. Also check the exhaust system and see if you have a bent pipe somewhere. A... Read More »

How to Replace a Throttle Body?

The purpose of the throttle body on a fuel-injected engine is to regulate the air charge into the cylinders through precise metering of the air intake. There is a throttle position sensor on the op... Read More »