How to Replace a Jamb Switch on an Oven?

Answer The switch on the inside door jamb of your oven controls the light. When the door closes, the switch is pressed and the light turns off. This is a convenient feature, but it's possible for the ligh... Read More »

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How to Replace the Thermal Switch on a Frigidaire Double Oven?

Frigidaire double ovens are equipped with two safety devices known as thermal switches, one for each oven. The switch is essentially a temperature-sensitive circuit breaker that detects excessive h... Read More »

Does the oven's top or bottom element switch off once the oven has reached its temperature?

steam from the tumble dryer makes contact with the water inside the condenser box instantly turning back to water & releasing the warm air minus steam

How to Replace a Interior Door Jamb?

The jamb is the inside frame of the door. Interior door jambs have three major pieces: the header, or top horizontal member, and the two side jambs that run vertically from the floor up to the jamb... Read More »

Built in oven switch off help!?

An oven must have a 'Means of local isolation' which should be within 2m of the oven, look in the back of adjacent cupboards, and above and below the oven housing.