How to Replace a Hooded Sweatshirt String?

Answer Some sweatshirts have hoods, making them both stylish and functional. A hoodie keeps a nice, warm head cover handy for whenever the wind kicks up or the temperature drops. The hood's drawstring clo... Read More »

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How to Cut a Hooded Sweatshirt?

Sometimes your favorite sweatshirt just doesn't fit the way it used to. Give it new life with a few simple cuts. By simply eliminating the seams around the neck and the waist, you can find not only... Read More »

How to Replace a Sweatshirt Shoelace?

Most hooded sweatshirts come with a cord or shoelace to pull the hood tighter and tie in place under the chin. Sometimes the cord comes out in the washing machine, unravels or breaks. Instead of go... Read More »

How to Replace a Period Using String With Java?

The "String" class in Java lets you manipulate a string of characters contained in a Java variable. The "Replace" string function lets you remove any character from a string, including the period c... Read More »

How do I replace the string on a Toro trimmer?

Removing the Inner ReelSwitch the engine off so it can cool down for several minutes. Put the engine down on the ground, with the head in the air, to replace the string. Loosen the center cap by tu... Read More »