How to Replace a GMC A/C Compressor?

Answer General Motors automobiles use a compressed freon air conditioning system that has a rotating compressor driven by the engine. This compressor requires internal lubricant that usually leaks out of ... Read More »

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How to Replace an A/C Compressor?

The automotive air conditioner (A/C) compressor circulates freon through an evaporator and a condenser to cool the ambient air inside of a vehicle. This compressor is prone to failure due to a lack... Read More »

How to Replace the AC Compressor in the Car?

Most cars use a belt driven compressor to circulate freon through an air conditioning system. This freon coolant is used to lower the temperature of a condenser, which has a fan that blows the air ... Read More »

How to Replace A/C Compressor Oil?

The A/C system of most automobiles uses freon coolant to lower the temperature of the car's interior. This coolant requires an amount of lubricant for the compressor and other equipment bushings to... Read More »

How to Replace an A/C Compressor and Where to Add the Oil?

Automotive air conditioner compressors can wear out or become damaged, requiring replacement and a coolant recharge. The compressor can be taken out and system and recharged by an average backyard ... Read More »