How to Replace a GM Door Hinge Bushing?

Answer If a door is becoming difficult to close because it is not lining up perfectly with the door striker, the door bushings are probably worn. To test the door hinge bushings, lift up on the door at th... Read More »

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How do I replace a door hinge?

Removing the DoorDoors typically have two or three hinges. Remove the pins from each of the hinges holding the door in place. Pull the hinges out using a hammer and flathead screwdriver. Hammer ... Read More »

How to Replace the Bottom Hinge of a Car Door?

The bottom hinge of a car door contributes to door sag because the door tilts downward when this hinge degrades. Luckily for car owners, hinges can be replaced with only only moderate effort. A he... Read More »

How to Replace Car Door Hinge Pins?

It's not uncommon for most cars to need their hinge pins replaced at some point during their life. Symptoms of worn hinge pins include a squeaky door that cannot be remedied with lubrication, a sag... Read More »

How to Replace Door Hinge Pins?

Door hinge pins are the nail-like pieces of steel that hold door hinges together and allow them to open and close. They require little attention and hardly ever go bad. They dutifully perform their... Read More »