How to Replace a GE Washer's Green Rod?

Answer The tub in your GE washer is held up by suspension rods that allow it rotate in the unit without touching the sides. Depending on the unit, your rods have a black, yellow or green end. The yellow a... Read More »

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How to Replace Washers for Shower Stems?

Dual-handle shower fixtures have a valve stem in each handle, whereas a single-handle fixture has a single cartridge. The valve stems in dual-handle shower fixtures sometimes have washers that prov... Read More »

How to Replace Windshield Washers on a Ford Escape?

Driving your Escape with worn windshield blades can be hazardous. In rainy or snowy conditions visibility can be bad; worn blades may further smear water and mud across your field of vision. New wi... Read More »

How to Replace Washers in a Shower Mixing Valve?

A shower-mixing valve connects to the knob or handle in the shower so you can adjust the ratio of hot to cold water for a comfortable bath. To prevent water under pressure from leaking through the ... Read More »

How to Replace Washers on a Delta Single Handle Shower Fixture?

Delta single handle shower fixtures operate with one control to turn on water for the shower and regulate the temperature. The valve under the control handle is packed with rubber washers to provid... Read More »