How to Replace a Fuel Injector in a 2007 Civic?

Answer The fuel injectors in your automobile deliver a specific mixture of fuel and air to your engine. The injector achieves the mixture by pressuring the fuel through a small nozzle or valve. If the inj... Read More »

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How to Clean the Fuel Injector on a Honda Civic?

An international company known as Honda makes the Civic, usually available in a two-door or four-door sedan. Fuel injectors are a part of the car's engine that injects fuel into an internal combust... Read More »

Honda Civic Fuel Injector Installation Guide?

After 1988, all Honda cars stopped using carburetors and moved to fuel injection as a system of fuel delivery. Replacing fuel injectors becomes necessary if fuel deposits have clogged them or they ... Read More »

How to Replace a CFI Fuel Injector?

Fuel injectors are subject to wear and tear. As they approach the end of their service life, the engine gets harder to start, idles erratically and hesitates as you step on the accelerator. Fortuna... Read More »

How to Replace a Fuel Injector?

Though not a very common problem in newer vehicles, fuel injectors can go bad and get stuck open and flood your engine with gas or cause your motor to sputter. Replacing fuel injectors is a fairly ... Read More »