How to Replace a Front Doorknob on a Metal Door?

Answer Whether you're replacing a front doorknob because it's worn, broken or simply because you want to change the lock, you'll only need a screwdriver to do the job. Doorknob holes are standard sizes, s... Read More »

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How to Replace a Metal Door Sill?

Door sills, commonly known as thresholds or door saddles are the bottom plate that keeps the outside elements at bay. Typically, sills are made from wood, vinyl or anodized aluminum. The sill sits ... Read More »

How to Replace a Metal Residential Entry Door?

Over time, metal residential entry doors can become damaged or just outdated and replacement is necessary. These doors can be replaced in less than an hour with only a helper and a screwdriver. Rep... Read More »

How to Make Holes in a New Door to Install a Doorknob?

Most replacement doors have factory-drilled holes for the doorknob, but sometimes they don't. You may be tempted to have a carpenter or handyman drill the holes and install the doorknob, but this i... Read More »

How do you replace the front door on a house?

Answer It depends on how much is being replaced. You might get away with just unscrewing the hinges off of the old door and screwing on a new one, or more likely, removing the trim from around the... Read More »