How to Replace a Ford F150 Alternator Bearing?

Answer Ford F-150 trucks can take a lot of abuse and still perform well. The F-150 is rugged and uses a large alternator to charge its high-amp battery. The alternator is mounted on the lower right side o... Read More »

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How to Replace the Alternator on a 2000 Ford F150?

Replacing an alternator on a 2000 Ford F150 is one of the more straightforward repair jobs you can undertake. The alternator is fairly easy to access, allowing for an uncomplicated removal and repl... Read More »

How to Replace a Alternator on a 1992 Ford F150?

The alternator on a 1993 Ford F150 light-duty pickup provides electrical power for the truck when the engine is running. The serpentine belt turns the alternator pulley, which spins the alternator'... Read More »

How to Replace an Alternator on a 2004 Ford F150?

If your headlights flicker at the same time as your interior lights, you may have a bad alternator on your 2004 Ford F150. The alternator provides the pickup with all the electrical power necessary... Read More »

How to Remove the Front Bearing on a Ford F150?

Removing the wheel bearings on your Ford F150 should only take a few minutes to complete. The most complicated part of this process is working around the brake system. The caliper is attached to th... Read More »