How to Replace a Flame Sensor Heater?

Answer Designed to keep your home safe in case something in your gas furnace fails, the flame sensor is a small, but vital part to any gas furnace. But a faulty flame sensor will tell your gas furnace to ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Flame Sensor on a Whirlpool LGN2000JT0?

The Whirlpool LGN2000JT0 is a front-loading automatic gas dryer designed for residential or industrial use. The flame sensor monitors the flame on the gas burner assembly. A defective or broken fla... Read More »

How does a flame sensor work in home furnaces by using a metal rod in the flame?

Its not a flamesensor its a pilot generater it generates a small amound of electricity to open the main valve that way if your pilot light goes out it wont let gas escape and couse a potentian expl... Read More »

How Do I Replace an O2 Sensor Heater in a Toyota Tercel?

The oxygen (O2) sensor in modern automobiles is an electronic sensor that helps monitor and control the engine air-to-fuel ratio. Most O2 sensors are part of the exhaust assembly and do not directl... Read More »

How do I adjust the pilot light flame on a water heater?

Preparation and Shut DownRemove the access panel on the front of the water heater per the manufacturer's instructions. Take a look at the flame to identify any issues; a yellow or bent flame indica... Read More »