How to Replace a Diesel Map Sensor?

Answer The manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) sensor on a Ford diesel truck is located on the side of the engine, near the cowl. It sends a voltage signal to computer, which then uses the signal to c... Read More »

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How to Replace a Sensor on a Ford 7.3 Diesel O2?

The O2 sensors on your 7.3-liter diesel Ford pickup monitor the exhaust gases coming out of your pickup's engine. The O2 sensors are part of the vehicle's emissions control system. When the sensors... Read More »

How to Install a Cam Sensor for a 7.3 Diesel Engine?

The 7.3 diesel engine is found in the Ford heavy-duty trucks, such as the 1998 Ford F-450 Super-Duty truck. The camshaft position sensor used in this particular engine is a hall-effect sensor. When... Read More »

How to Remove a 6.0 Diesel Crankshaft Sensor?

The 6.0l diesel engine is found in a Ford with the Powerstroke diesel engine. The crankshaft position sensor (also known as a CKP sensor) found in a 6.0l diesel engine is responsible for telling th... Read More »

Is there an oxygen sensor on diesel motors?

An oxygen sensor is an integral part of both gasoline and diesel burning engines. The oxygen sensor is an important device that provides information on both a vehicle's engine control and the engi... Read More »