How to Replace a Dell 4550 Motherboard?

Answer The Dell Dimension 4550 desktop computer uses a motherboard that is compatible with the Intel D845PESV motherboard. If your 4550's original motherboard fails, you can purchase a replacement board a... Read More »

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Where is the USB on the Dell Dimension 4550?

The Dell Dimension 4550 has two USB ports on the front of the computer, which you can access by rotating the plastic panel with the Dell logo towards you. There are also four USB ports on the back... Read More »

How much RAM can a Dell Dimension 4550 hold?

The Dell Dimension 4550 can support up to 2 GB of RAM. There are two memory slots for RAM. Each memory slot can support up to 1 GB of RAM.References:Crucial: Dell Dimension 4550 (533MHz FSB)

How many memory slots are in my Dell 4550?

There are two memory slots in a Dell Dimension 4550 desktop computer. The Dimension 4550 supports up to 512 MB of DDR-SDRAM with a maximum speed of DDR-333 (PC-2700), for a maximum capacity of 1 GB... Read More »

How to Replace a Dell 8600 Motherboard's Cell Battery?

The easiest way to tell that the cell battery on your Dell 8600 motherboard is failing is that your computer loses time. This battery is what makes your computer hold onto certain real-time informa... Read More »