How to Replace a Cuisinart Blender Blade Driver Clutch?

Answer Cuisinart is a manufacturer of small household kitchen appliances, including food processors, coffee pots and toasters. Cuisinart also makes a wide range of electronic blenders. The blade on the Cu... Read More »

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How Do I Set Up a Cuisinart Smart Power Blender?

The Cuisinart Smart Power Blender is a stainless steel blender with a large glass jar and a variety of pulse settings to allow cooks to blend food items at different rates. The blender includes a 6... Read More »

Cuisinart toaster oven malfunctionI have purchased 3 cuisinart toaster ovens 2 have emitted a high pitched noise 1 stays hot after it is off I am afraid it will start a fireWhat should I do?

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How to Replace a Blender Gasket?

A blender's gasket, or O-ring, is an important part of the appliance, especially when blending liquids. The gasket makes a seal that prevents the fluids from leaking out of the bottom of the blende... Read More »

How to Replace a Fan Blade on a Jeep?

A Jeep uses a cooling fan mounted to the radiator which spins to cool down both the radiator and engine in turn. These fans are electric, and if the blades aren't connected properly or are broken, ... Read More »