How to Replace a Cub Cadet CV Joint Boot?

Answer The Cub Cadet is a riding lawn tractor meant for heavy use on large fields or farms. The CV joints on the Cub Cadet are protected by heavy-duty CV joint boots. However, due to rugged use, the CV jo... Read More »

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Do I Have to Replace the Whole CV Joint or Can I Just Replace the Boot?

Automotive half-shafts are multi-component items; the CV joint is just one part of an entire assembly designed to transfer power from your car's transaxle to its wheels. Technically speaking, you c... Read More »

How do you sign up for sea cadet boot camp?

US Naval Sea Cadets? UK Sea Cadets? Australian Sea Cadets? Depends on the nation, specify next time. But anyways, sign up with a unit, and then they will give you the papers to sign up for bootcamp... Read More »

How to Install a CV Boot Joint?

When the boot of a CV axle tears and rips, dirt gets in and grease leaks out. This causes the CV axle to make a thumping sound, especially when turning the car. The CV axles are an important part o... Read More »

How to Change a CV Joint Boot?

Changing the continuous velocity (CV) joint boot on a car is important, as the CV boot keeps grease in the moving components of an axle on both front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles. CV joint boots ... Read More »