How to Replace a Crankset?

Answer The cranks on a bicycle are the arms that extend up and out from the toothed chain rings in the center of the bike frame. When the cranks spin, the chain moves, thus engaging the bicycle's drive tr... Read More »

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What Is a Shimano FC-R553 Crankset?

Shimano manufactures bicycle clothing and components including brakes, pedals, cycling shoes and gloves. One Shimano item available for sale individually or as a component on certain brands of bike... Read More »

How to Remove an Octalink Crankset?

The Octalink bottom bracket is named for its eight-spline spindle. The spindle provided an interface for Shimano's Octalink-compatible cranksets. Crankset removal presents an ideal opportunity to s... Read More »

Can you replace the glass on a hp4280 a pix fell on it and broke it--will the scan still work if i replace it?

It depends on where the scan bar was in comparison to the crack. It might have bent this rod and that would affect the scanning. Even a millimeter off would affect the scans. Only a trained expert ... Read More »

With the iphone 4 coming out. what will be the price to replace an iphone 3gs with a cracked screen when its out of warranty. will it still cost the 200 its been costing to replace?