How to Replace a Covered Concrete Porch?

Answer Porches do not last forever, but a well-built porch will last for decades. When an existing porch is beyond repair, your best option is usually to remove it in its entirety, including breaking up a... Read More »

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How to Make a Bigger Concrete Porch With an Existing Concrete Porch?

Since concrete porch surfaces usually function only as floors, the joint between separate porch slabs doesn't transfer loads or require intricate joinery. If you attempt to bond the separate slabs ... Read More »

What is the best way to repair a concrete porch when half has sunk 3 inches with a crack dividing the two areas The home is 7 years old and the porch is 20 by 10 feet?

Hint Have same exact problem and didn't solve it yet - but, hopefully, on my way:) There's a technique called "concrete raising" - google it up. They drill small holes in concrete and pump some fil... Read More »

Do you have to use an outdoor ceiling fan on a covered porch?

Yes, it is recommended that you use an outdoor ceiling fan for a covered porch, because it is designed to withstand the weather. Using an indoor ceiling fan outside could void your warranty and it ... Read More »

Our new covered porch is now home for the squirrels?

Ok trapping them is out of the question.How about blasting them with water from a hose, get a flashlight so you can aim at the, and / or if you hear their footsteps then you know they're still there.