How to Replace a Concrete Expansion With Wood?

Answer Crumbling wood or weeds in your expansion joints is an indication the expansion joint requires repair. The expansion joint allows the concrete to expand and contract without cracking. Although ther... Read More »

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How to Replace Spalled Concrete Expansion Joints?

The expansion joints in a concrete slab protect adjacent slabs from cracking because of expansion and contraction from changes in temperature. Material in the joints absorbs the stress from slab mo... Read More »

DIY Concrete Expansion Joints?

Concrete expansion joints are absolutely essential for large concrete slabs in order to prevent the expansion and contraction of the concrete from cracking the slab. There are at least three types ... Read More »

What is a concrete expansion joint?

Expansion joints are a vital component of a properly poured concrete slab. These joints prevent concrete from cracking and breaking apart when it expands and contracts with changes in temperature.M... Read More »

Do poured concrete walls need expansion joints?

While not required, expansion joints should be integrated into concrete wall construction to allow for expansion due to variations in temperature. Place the expansion joints in concrete walls at 9... Read More »