How to Replace a Compact Disc Drive?

Answer At first glance, performing your own computer hardware repair may seem like an intimidating task. It can appear even more so when you open the tower and look inside. Fortunately, replacing computer... Read More »

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What the differences of compact disc and blu-ray disc?

How to Replace the Disc Brakes and Rotors on a 2000 Ford F-250 Four Wheel Drive?

The Ford F-250 sits atop Ford’s history as the automakers longest lasting model, as it first arrived in 1953. The predecessor to the F-250 – the similarly named F-2 – arrived way back in 1948... Read More »

What is the compact disc going to be replaced with?

Why in cameras?CDs are the perfect size for music. Herbert von Karajan allegedly helped develop the compact disc and insisted that the entirety of Beethoven's Symphony No.9. The thing is that the C... Read More »

How does a compact disc play music?

A CD player has three major mechanical components : a drive motor, a lens system, and a tracking mechanism. The drive motor (also called spindle) rotates the disc between 200 and 500 revolutions pe... Read More »