How to Replace a Closet Light Button?

Answer Closet light buttons are just like light switches. The only difference is, instead of the small knub-style switch, they have a large button. Changing a button light switch in a closet is just like ... Read More »

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Big screen stopped working red light beside the on off button flashes and the tv will not respond to button or remote?

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Which plant will grow faster the one in the Sun in a dark closet in partial light or in artificial light?

In a dark closet because the plant will want to find sunlight so it grows upwards quickly to try and find the sunlight

How to Add a Closet Light?

Closets are a location in the home in which lighting is often overlooked or omitted. While large walk-in closets will almost always have an overhead lighting fixture installed, smaller closets are ... Read More »

How to Install a Light & Switch in a Closet?

The closet is one room in your house where you often need light the most. If there is an outlet on a wall near the closet, you can run a wire to power a light with minimal danger of overloading the... Read More »