How to Replace a Clear Coat Car Finish?

Answer A clear coats is a colorless layer of resin paint that is applied over the paint on a car. These coats usually contain additives that help protect the paint from ultraviolet radiation and scratches... Read More »

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How to Finish a Clear Coat Paint Job?

A clear coat paint finish is the final step after you have done all the extensive paint work on a car. This finish is durable and can help guard the paint against the elements. It also helps the pa... Read More »

How to Remove a Clear Coat Finish?

Clear coat finishes protect and provide a nice shine on vehicles, furniture, musical instruments or model planes, trains and cars. You may need to remove the finish to repair a damaged section. The... Read More »

How to Fix a Clear Coat Orange Peel Finish?

Orange peel in clear coat finish can be compared to craters on the moon, and it's much easier to prevent orange peel than to repair it. Craters are caused when large objects impact a smooth, fluid... Read More »

How to Wet Sand a Car That Has a Clear Coat Finish?

Clear coat paints are common today. All late model vehicles will have a base coat urethane paint color covered with a protective clear coat. Many types of single-stage paints have been developed ov... Read More »