How to Replace a Chevy Idler Arm?

Answer The Chevy idler arm bolts onto the engine block and the idler pulley. The arm is used as a pivot for the pulley. As the serpentine belt starts to stretch, a spring pulls down on the idler arm and p... Read More »

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How to Replace an Idler Arm to a Chevy Van?

The idler arm on a Chevy van is a pivoting support to the steering linkage opposite the pitman arm connecting the center link. It pivots during steering. Mounted to a bracket attached to the frame ... Read More »

How to Replace an Idler Pulley on a Chevy 4.3?

Today's 4.3-liter Chevy engines come in a variety of light trucks and SUVs. These engines are powered with a single serpentine belt and a multiple inline pulley system. The pulleys and belt system ... Read More »

How to Replace a Chevy Idler Pulley?

Chevy (or Chevrolet) is owned by the General Motors Corporation and has been producing cars and light trucks since the early twentieth century. As of 2010, most Chevy cars utilized a serpentine bel... Read More »

How to Replace Idler Arm on a 1994 Chevy K1500?

On a 1994 K1500, the steering system uses a series of links that turn the spindle and in turn, turn the wheels. On one end of the linkage is the Pitman arm, which translates the turning from the st... Read More »