How to Replace a Chevy 4.3 Oil Filter Adapter?

Answer An oil filter adapter is an aftermarket device that may be fitted to Chevrolet's 4.3-liter engines. It allows the installation of other aftermarket components that require oil attribute sampling, s... Read More »

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How to Remove the Oil Filter Adapter in a 97 Chevy Astro?

The engine on a 1997 Chevrolet Astro van uses oil to lubricate the cylinder walls. This oil breaks down and picks up dirt and grime over time, and that's why the engine has an oil filter. The filte... Read More »

How to Replace an Air Filter in a Chevy Cobalt?

A clean air filter increases engine performance by allowing air to freely flow to the engine A clean filter can result in better gas mileage and increased engine life. Change the air filter every 3... Read More »

How to Replace an air Filter in a Chevy Impala?

A clean air filter can increase the life of an engine and improve gas mileage, because it makes it easier for the engine to get air. Replacing the air filter on a Chevy Impala is an easy task that ... Read More »

How to Replace an air Filter in a Chevy Corvette?

Clean air filters in a Chevy Corvette will increase horsepower and acceleration because it allows for unobstructed air flow to the engine. Changing air filters takes most people under 10 minutes to... Read More »