How to Replace a Car Flywheel?

Answer A car's flywheel operates primarily to provide the inertia necessary to carry the engine's pistons through the unproductive stroke of their cycle. The teeth that surround the flywheel are used by t... Read More »

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How to Replace the Flywheel Key on a 6.75 Briggs?

All Briggs & Stratton small engines, including the 6.75 HP Briggs models, employ a flywheel key between the flywheel and the crankshaft. This key is designed to shear if the implement encounters an... Read More »

How to Replace the Flywheel in a Chevy Truck?

A flywheel is commonly found in a vehicle with a standard transmission (a flexplate is found in a vehicle with an automatic transmission). Flywheels can be purchased as light-weight or normal. The ... Read More »

How to Replace the Flywheel on an Automatic Transmission?

The flywheel of a car or truck connects the engine's crank shaft to the transmission through the torque converter. Both manual and automatic transmissions connect to a a flywheel. The flywheel is e... Read More »

How to Replace a Flywheel on a Chevy Malibu?

Listen to your Chevrolet Malibu when it starts up. If you hear persistent grinding noises coming from the engine, then your starter is most likely not fully engaged with the flywheel. If this happe... Read More »