How to Replace a Camshaft Position Sensor on a 1994 Mustang?

Answer Although the 1994 Ford Mustang was available with either a six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engine, only the six-cylinder engine was equipped with a camshaft position sensor. The sensor is essentiall... Read More »

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How to Change the Camshaft Position Sensor on a 1995 Mustang?

The 1995 Mustang equipped with the V-6 engine uses a camshaft-position sensor to provide the on-board computer with the information it needs to synchronize the ignition system. The Mustangs equippe... Read More »

How to Know Whether to Replace Your Camshaft Position Sensor or Crankshaft Position Sensor?

The camshaft sensor and the crankshaft sensor, although both hall effect sensors, serve different purposes. They both can be diagnosed using similar procedures. Neither sensor should have any glitc... Read More »

How to Replace a Camshaft Position Sensor?

The camshaft position sensor, mounted in the engine block of most vehicles, transmits information to the vehicle’s main computer. This information is used to insure that the engine has the correc... Read More »

How to Replace the Camshaft Position Sensor on a 1.9 Ford?

The 1.9-liter engine is used in the Ford Escort line requires the camshaft position sensor to relay information to the car's computer. The camshaft position sensor tracks movement of the camshaft a... Read More »