How to Replace a Caliper in a Ford Mustang?

Answer The Mustang may be the most popular muscle car, but it won't matter without good brakes. Replacing a part as important as a brake caliper, in a Mustang or any model, should be done with the assista... Read More »

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How to Remove a Ford Mustang Front Caliper?

Occasionally, you may need to remove a front brake caliper from your Ford Mustang because it's damaged or leaking fluid. A damaged caliper can be dangerous for your vehicle's braking system, preven... Read More »

How to Open the Rear Brake Caliper on a Ford Mustang?

The average Ford disc brake caliper can require up to one hundred pounds of force in order to retract the pistons when performing a brake job. While some people can deliver this pressure by hand, m... Read More »

How to Retract the Brake Caliper Piston for a 1995 Ford Mustang?

The 1995 Ford Mustang came equipped with four-wheel disc brakes that provided a much needed improvement in stopping power over the previous "Fox"-bodied Mustangs. The rear calipers on the Mustang a... Read More »

How to Replace a Caliper in a Ford Focus?

Replacing brake calipers is not a simple procedure, even on a small car like the Ford Focus. It's always best to have a trained professional handle such maintenance. If you do try to replace a cali... Read More »