How to Replace a Cabin Filter on a 2005 Nissan Altima?

Answer All 2005 Nissan Altimas, with the exception of the 2.5 Base model, come equipped with a cabin air-filter (Nissan refers to this filter as an in-cabin micro-filter). This cabin filter captures parti... Read More »

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Nissan Altima 2005 Cabin Air Filter Installation?

The cabin air filter in the 2005 Nissan Altima removes particles, such as dust and pollen, from the air. In time the air filter clogs and is not as effective as a new filter. Certain conditions, su... Read More »

How to Replace a Cabin Filter in a 2005 Nissan Titan?

The 2005 Nissan Titan truck contains an in-cabin microfilter, also known as a cabin air filter, which traps dust, debris and pollen to prevent them from entering the passenger compartment. Nissan ... Read More »

How to Install a Cabin Air Filter on a Nissan Altima?

The ventilation system inside a Nissan Altima takes air from inside or outside the car and heats or cools it, depending on the climate control settings. The air can sometimes have a bad odor to it,... Read More »

How to Remove the Cabin Filter in a 2005 Nissan Titan?

The cabin filter in a 2005 Nissan Titan takes the incoming air that flows into the climate control system, filters out bad smells and particulates, then allows it to pass on to the vents. When thes... Read More »