How to Replace a Bumper on a Suburban?

Answer The bumper on a Chevrolet Suburban is made of steel and is not easily damaged, even during low-speed collisions. When the bumper does need to be replaced, it can be done using only a couple of tool... Read More »

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How to Replace an Alternator in a Suburban?

The Chevrolet Suburban was manufactured with a belt driven alternator, which can deteriorate and require replacement. The older models use a single belt system, while newer units have switched to a... Read More »

How to Replace a Suburban Mirror?

The inside rearview mirror on a Chevy Suburban is held on by special glue called rear view mirror adhesive, which you can purchase at any parts store. This is the only type of adhesive that works. ... Read More »

How to Replace Fuses in a Suburban?

The Chevrolet Suburban has a long history, dating back to 1936, when it was used as a commercial vehicle. Newer model Suburbans are equipped with over 100 fuses between three fuse boxes. The fuses ... Read More »

How to Replace an AC Compressor on a Suburban?

The Chevrolet or GMC Suburban was manufactured with optional air conditioning, which includes a compressor pump that is driven by the engine with a belt. Older models had single-belt systems, while... Read More »