How to Replace a Broken Lock on a Trunk?

Answer The lock on your truck helps protect against people stealing anything stored in the trunk. Unfortunately, it's also the way many thieves use to try to get into the trunk. Should your trunk lock be ... Read More »

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How to Replace a Civic LX Trunk Lock?

Your Honda Civic LX is not impervious to break-ins. When a car is burglarized, the easiest targets tend to be the windows, of course, but also the various locks on the car. And since many people ke... Read More »

How to Replace a Trunk Lock Cylinder?

Cars and trucks require locks on doors and trunks to prevent theft. Each lock is different in its configuration and installation/removal procedure. The trunk lock is no exception. Some locks are el... Read More »

How to Replace a Saturn Trunk Lock?

Saturn vehicles use a small metal lock cylinder to secure cargo stored in the trunk. If your trunk has been broken into, in most cases this cylinder will be damaged and must be replaced. Replacing ... Read More »

Directions on How to Replace the Lock on the Trunk of a Car?

If you lose the key to your trunk or if the trunk lock becomes damaged, you may have to replace the lock mechanism. Over time, trunk cylinders can become worn. They also can malfunction or break if... Read More »