How to Replace a Brick Facade on the Front of a House?

Answer Old brick facades can easily become rundown over the years, and once a section of the surface begins to go, it is all too easy for the crumbling or rotting section to pull down other portions of th... Read More »

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What kind of shade plants/flowers would like nice in front of a brick house?

hmm i cant tell u what kind of plant or flower, but make them bright =]pink,blue,yellow...those colors will make the outside of your house look nice =]

How to Replace 1967 Aluminum Windows in a Brick House?

Aluminum windows, popular in the late 1960s, are far less efficient than today's modern dual-paned models. You can save a tremendous amount of money on your heating and cooling costs by removing th... Read More »

How to Tell If a House Has Brick Veneer Vs. Solid Brick Walls?

Brick veneer is a single layer of brick covering an exterior wall of a house that's made from another material, such as wood or steel. The weight of the structure is borne by the inner part of the ... Read More »

How do you replace the front door on a house?

Answer It depends on how much is being replaced. You might get away with just unscrewing the hinges off of the old door and screwing on a new one, or more likely, removing the trim from around the... Read More »