How to Replace a Brake on a BMW 528i?

Answer The BMW 528i model vehicles come equipped with four-wheel disc brakes. The braking system is designed to stop the car by applying pressure from the brake pads to the brake rotors. When the brake pe... Read More »

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How to Replace the Brake Pads on a BMW 528i?

The BMW 528i has four wheel disc brakes as part of its anti-lock braking system. The brake pads on the BMW contain wear indicators that contact with the braking rotors when the brake pads are in ne... Read More »

How to Reset the Brake Light on a BMW 528i?

The On-Board Diagnostics computer, or OBD, on your BMW 528i stores trouble codes that come from sensors positioned throughout the vehicle. These sensors keep track of the mechanical functions of yo... Read More »

Brake Pad Sensor Installation in a BMW 528i?

As one of BMW's more popular production cars, the 528i mid-size luxury sedan comes appointed with many creature comforts in its stock form, including brake pad wear sensors that alert the driver wh... Read More »

How do I Install Brake Fluid on a 1999 BMW 528i?

The 1999 BMW 528i is part of the E39 generation of the 5-series, a four-door luxury sedan. The E39 is a very popular car thanks to its appearance, its performance and its high-end German engineerin... Read More »