How to Replace a Belt on a White Lawnmower LT 950H?

Answer The White Outdoors LT950H lawn tractor was equipped with a 23-horsepower vertical shaft gasoline engine. The belt on the LT950H propels the mower blades, through a series of intricate pulleys. Ther... Read More »

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How to Replace a PTO Drive Belt on a Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmower?

If your Cub Cadet riding lawn mower stops moving, there is a good chance the drive belt on the main PTO of the engine has either snapped or become too loose. Replacing the PTO drive belt yourself w... Read More »

How to Change the Drive Belt of a Sears Lawnmower?

Replacing the drive belt on your Sears Craftsman self-propelled mower or riding mower is necessary when the forward motion of the mower is compromised. The drive belt uses the rotation force of the... Read More »

How do I loosen a belt on a riding lawnmower yard machine?

Prepare the MowerPower down the engine, and take out the ignition key. Detach the wire attached to the spark plug. Move the deck lift lever to put the deck as low as it will go. Take off the belt g... Read More »

Lawnmower with white smoke coming out...?

Sounds like you could be burning oil. Double check the owners manual to make sure you have the right fuel and that all your fluid levels are right.