How to Replace a Belt on a Kenmore 11062802101?

Answer The Kenmore model 11062802101 is a front-loading electric dryer designed for residential use. The drum inside the dryer relies on a motor and pulley system to cause it to rotate. The belt connects ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Belt on a Kenmore 70 Series?

Occasionally, the belt on the Kenmore 70 dryer will begin to wear out or break because it is constantly moving and subject to extreme heat inside the dryer cabinet. When the belt breaks, it require... Read More »

How to Replace a Drive Belt on a Kenmore Washing Machine?

Replacing the drive belt on a Kenmore washing machine is a fairly simple process that can be completed in less than an hour. Kenmore washers are part of the Sears line of appliances and share many ... Read More »

How to Replace Drive Belt on the Kenmore Dryer Model Series 60301 to 70301?

This article is about how to replace a dryer drum belt on a Kenmore Dryer, Model Series 60301 to 70301.

How to Put a Belt on the Kenmore 60 Series Dryer?

Kenmore 60 Series automatic dryers come in both gas and electric models. Both styles use the same type of motor and pulley system to control the rotation of the drum. A belt connects the drum to th... Read More »