How to Replace a Bearing on My Kenmore HE3 Washer?

Answer A grinding noise coming from your Kenmore HE3 washer means its bearing needs to be replaced. You can save money by doing the job yourself, though it's not a simple task and requires several tools. ... Read More »

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How to Replace an LG Washer Bearing?

If your LG washing machine begins to make a grinding noise or does not spin correctly, the tub bearing probably needs replacing. You can call an expensive appliance repair person to replace the bea... Read More »

How to Replace the Rear Bearing in an LG Washer?

Your LG washer has two bearings -- one in the front and one in the a rear -- that work together to turn the tub. If your tub stops turning, leans to one side or starts making grinding or scraping n... Read More »

How to Replace a GE Washer Spin Bearing?

When you are running your General Electric washer, you may encounter a problem where the washer tub is loose and bangs against the sides of the appliance, making a loud sound. A loose washer tub co... Read More »

How to Replace the Transmission in a Kenmore Washer?

Kenmore brand direct-drive washing machines tubs are powered, in part, by a transmission. If the transmission on the Kenmore goes bad, this will pretty much render the washing machine useless until... Read More »