How to Replace a Ball Joint in a Vehicle?

Answer Ball joints are an important car part that need to be checked and, if needed, replaced. Because ball joints connect the axle with the steering mechanism, broken ball joints can be dangerous, causi... Read More »

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How to Replace a Ball Joint on an S-10?

The Chevy S-10 truck uses two ball joints on each of the front wheels. Replacing either one of them is not an easy task. In most cases, it is possible change the upper ball joint yourself. You can ... Read More »

How to Replace a Bottom Ball Joint?

Ball joints come in various styles--press-in, riveted and bolted. The older, early model trucks did not use ball joints--they used king pins. To understand the function of the ball joint, first pic... Read More »

How to Replace an Upper Ball Joint?

Ball joint wear is indicated by the steering knuckle and wheel assembly being loose on the control arm, which runs from the car's frame to the steering knuckle (right where the ball joint is). Ther... Read More »

How to Replace a Ball Joint on a Chevy S-10?

Worn ball joints on a Chevy S-10 cause alignment problems resulting in rapid uneven tire wear as well as banging noises when encountering rough surfaces. Severely worn ball joints can separate from... Read More »