How to Replace a 69 VW Engine?

Answer Replacing the motor in a 1969 VW might sound difficult or intimidating, but it's really a fairly simple process. A VW air-cooled motor simply hangs from the bell housing by four bolts, so aside fro... Read More »

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Can I replace the engine in my 150cc Lifan scooter with a larger engine?

Presumably your father in law has checked compression hot and cold, fuel flow and gas cap venting, spark advance and exhaust fouling- this happens a lot on 2 strokes and sometimes on 4 strokes. Cle... Read More »

How to Replace a Car Engine?

You will need to replace your car engine when: it has over 150,000 miles on it and is slowing down, it stops working or if it starts smoking excessively. Replacing a car engine is a complex procedu... Read More »

When to Rebuild or Replace an Engine?

How do you define a "new" engine versus one that's been rebuilt? Technically, the only "new" engines out there use factory-fresh engine blocks and parts that have never seen the light of day outsid... Read More »

How to Replace a Truck Engine?

Few truck owners relish the task of removing and replacing a burned out engine in their truck, but given the alternative of purchasing a new truck, the money saved is well worth the time and effort... Read More »