How to Replace a 1985 Ford F-150 Door Handle?

Answer Ford equipped their 1985 model-year F-150 trucks with an outer door handle assembly. A mechanical push-button mounted in the handle assembly controls the latch and a handle mechanism actuates the l... Read More »

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How to Replace a Ford Geo Door Handle?

Plastic fixtures in consumer vehicles are meant to withstand the wear that comes with constant use. Even so, many of these plastic fixtures can still break or become inoperable. A broken door handl... Read More »

How to Replace a Door Handle on a Ford Explorer?

Replacing a door handle on a Ford Explorer at the dealership can quickly become a pricey affair. Once you factor in the cost of the part, labor time, shop supply and economic impact fees, as well a... Read More »

How to Replace the Interior Door Handle on a Ford Truck?

Interior door handles for Ford Trucks are kept in stock at many automotive parts stores. The broken handle can be easily replaced without removing the inside door panel. The interior door handle... Read More »

How to Replace the Exterior Door Handle on a 2000 Ford Explorer?

The exterior door handles on the 2000 Ford Explorers provide access to the sport utility vehicle's passenger compartment by allowing you to easily open the door. The handle has a small lever on the... Read More »