How to Replace Worn Seat Padding in a Truck or Car?

Answer The chair is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to your comfort while driving your car or truck. The chairs in vehicles are padded and covered with whatever finishing material your type... Read More »

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How to Replace the Foam Cushion on a Truck or a Car Seat?

When you first buy a car or truck, the foam cushions that make up the seats should be firm and hold their shape. Over time, however, the foam cushions may sag and begin to disintegrate. If your cus... Read More »

How to Replace Chevy Truck Bucket Seat Armrests?

Chevrolet trucks with front bucket seats come with side-mounted seat armrests, rather than a flip-down center armrest. There is one armrest on the right side of the driver's seat and one on the lef... Read More »

Why should seat belts be worn?

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for people under age 35. In half of these accidents, the victims weren't wearing seat belts. Properly wearing seat belts can help prevent a tragic loss ... Read More »

How old does a child have to be to ride in the front seat of a truck when there is a back seat in pennslyvania?

A drained swimming pool will be more dangerous to anyone who could fall into the pit. The pool will need fencing around it that is sturdy and anti-tamper proof. What are your plans for rain water w... Read More »