How to Replace Transmission Fluid and Filter on a Dodge Dakota?

Answer The Dodge Dakota is popular among pickup buyers who want more power and space than a compact provides but less than a full-size pickup offers. It makes a good choice for someone who wants to tow a ... Read More »

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How do I Change the Transmission Fluid on a 1993 Dodge Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota needs to have the transmission fluid every thirty-thousand miles or every 2 years (whichever comes first). Changing the transmission fluid requires draining the old fluid, replacin... Read More »

How to Check the Transmission Fluid Level in a Dodge Dakota?

Checking the fluid level in the automatic transmission of your Dodge Dakota pickup should be part of your regular maintenance routine. The transmission fluid is critical to proper operation of the ... Read More »

How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a Dodge Dakota?

A damaged or clogged fuel filter in most cases will prevent the engine from starting and running. The filter is solely responsible for filtering dirt and rust particles out of the gasoline before i... Read More »

How to Replace a Fuel Filter on a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport?

Start feeling sorry for yourself if you have to change the fuel filter on your 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport. Chrysler apparently planned for this filter rarely to need replacing, or they are trying to d... Read More »