How to Replace Toyota Axles?

Answer Axles on a Toyota vehicle are secured to the transmission with a snap ring and held in place at the wheel hub with a drive axle nut. The axles have two joints on them, called CV joints, that provid... Read More »

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How to Replace CV Axles on a '95 Toyota Camry?

The 1995 Toyota Camry, like all other front-wheel drive vehicles, uses constant velocity (CV) axles as the driveshafts on a front wheel drive car. The CV axle delivers the power from the engine and... Read More »

How to Replace CV Axles in a Toyota Tercel?

A bad CV axle in a Toyota Tercel will result in a prominent noise emitting from the damaged axle. During turns, it will sound like the crinkling noise of an aluminum can. This will indicate that th... Read More »

How to Take Out Rear Axles on a Toyota Landcruiser?

The rear axles on a Toyota Landcruiser drive the rear wheels. These axles have seals and bearings on them, which can wear down over time. When this happens, there may be problems with the axles tur... Read More »

How to Remove CV Axles from a Toyota Corolla?

The CV (constant velocity) axle shafts on a Toyota Corolla integrate the transaxle of the front wheel drive transmission with the wheel. There are two joint bearings on each end of the CV axle, pro... Read More »