How to Replace TDI Glow Plugs?

Answer Unlike their petrol counterparts, diesel engine cars do not have spark plugs to induce combustion and start the car. Diesel cars, including TDIs, have to rely on compression to raise the temperatur... Read More »

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How to Replace 205 Glow Plugs?

The glow plugs in the Peugeot 205 are responsible for heating up the fuel and causing the combustion which moves the vehicle. Without well functioning glow plugs, you can expect your Peugeot to spu... Read More »

How to Replace 7.3 Glow Plugs?

You are ready for work and head out to your Ford diesel 7.3 liter truck. You put the key in the ignition and nothing. Anxiety builds up as you realize that your truck is not going to start. If your... Read More »

How to Replace the Glow Plugs on a '94 F-250?

In 1994, Ford produced a diesel model F-250 truck. Along with using a different type of fuel, the 1994 Ford F-250 also uses glow plugs instead of spark plugs. Spark plugs create a spark that ignite... Read More »

How to Replace Powerstroke Glow Plugs?

If you are having problems starting your Ford power stroke diesel, you might need to replace the glow plugs. A gasoline engine creates a spark with the spark plug while a diesel engine creates heat... Read More »