How to Replace Stud Bolts in Wheel Sprockets?

Answer The next time one of your wheel studs is stripped or broken, remember that replacing your stud bolts yourself (versus taking your car into the shop for an expensive repair) can save you both time a... Read More »

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How to Replace a Wheel Stud?

Wheel studs are the bolts used to hold tires in place; if one breaks, it must be replaced. This procedure is not challenging and requires basic tools with the exception of an air-powered wrench, wh... Read More »

How to Replace Wheel Bolts?

Wheel, or lug, bolts fasten the wheel to the wheel hub. Many vehicles use lug nuts instead of bolts. They serve the same function, and you remove and replace them in the same way. You will generall... Read More »

How to Replace a Wheel Stud in a GMC Sierra?

You need to replace a stripped or broken wheel stud on your GMC Sierra as soon as you notice it. When one stud malfunctions, it puts stress on the others. If they all snap, you no longer have a whe... Read More »

How to Replace a Wheel Stud in a VW Passat?

If you recently had a flat tire and had some trouble tightening the wheel nuts as you changed it along the roadside, your wheel studs may be cross threaded. Often people don't realize that they nee... Read More »