How to Replace Spring Clips in Window Frames?

Answer Spring clips serve a dual purpose on metal window frames. They provides tension that holds a sheet of glass firmly in place, but their slight give allows you to insert new glass without taking apar... Read More »

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How to Replace Window Clips in Grand Ams?

The stress and strain of the window glass can wear on the plastic window clips on a Pontiac Grand Am, eventually leading to fractures and damage in the clips. The clips are also known to occasional... Read More »

How to Create Frames in Flash Movie Clips?

The Adobe Flash interface enables you to create animated objects using timelines and frames. Movie clips are objects that can contain individual animations and, therefore, independent frames. Perha... Read More »

How do I use internal spring purse frames?

Determine Frame SizeDecide how large you want the opening of your purse to be. Get a purse frame that is approximately the diameter of that opening.Sew Purse and CasingChoose your purse pattern and... Read More »

How do I caulk LCF window frames?

Clean Around the LCF Window FrameWipe the area where the lockable cat flap LCF window frame meets the mounting surface with a clean rag. Remove stuck debris with a metal paint scraper.Prepare the T... Read More »