How to Replace Spicket Bushing?

Answer A spigot bushing is a part on all types of cars. It is the bronze sleeve bearing in the crankshaft which carries the nose of the gearbox input shaft to provide proper alignment of the clutch disk. ... Read More »

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How to Replace a Saturn Ion Sway Bushing?

The sway bar on the Saturn Ion attaches the lower control arms to the front sub-frame. The sway bar attaches to the sub-frame by rubber bushings, and these bushings are damaged not only by age but ... Read More »

How to Replace a GM Door Hinge Bushing?

If a door is becoming difficult to close because it is not lining up perfectly with the door striker, the door bushings are probably worn. To test the door hinge bushings, lift up on the door at th... Read More »

How to Replace the Stabilizer Bar Bushing Kit in a 2001 F-150?

The stabilizer bar on a 2001 Ford F-150 is an essential part of the suspension. Its purpose is to reduce the tendency for the truck to roll in cornering and reduce the camber changes associated wit... Read More »

How to Replace Maxima Sway Bushing?

The sway bar in your Nissan Maxima is used to limit the amount of body sway that is caused when negotiating a turn. If the sway bar bushings are worn, it could cause your car to be unsafe to drive ... Read More »