How to Replace Soles on Red Wing Boots?

Answer Red Wing boots are made in America by hand and represent one of the most classic styles of working boot. Red Wing boots are made from sturdy leather and are often used in the work place because of ... Read More »

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How to Replace Drive Shaft Boots on a Gold Wing?

The drive shaft boot on a Gold Wing keeps grease and lubrication around the joint that connects the drive shaft to the transmission, and it keeps dust and debris from entering and degrading the joi... Read More »

Can you shave down rubber soles on boots?

Cobblers often mold boots in one piece, including the soles and uppers. Shaving the soles might compromise the strength and watertight quality of the boots. If it is necessary to shave down the s... Read More »

How to Glue Soles on Cheap Work Boots?

Instead of spending money to buy new work boots, you can resole those old boots and extend their life. You can accomplish this easy task with a repair kit and follow a few simple instructions. Repa... Read More »

How to Replace Wing Mirrors?

Replacing the wing mirrors on automobiles made after the mid-1980s is a relatively straightforward process because the mirrors attach to most vehicles in the same manner. Wing mirrors, commonly kn... Read More »