How to Replace Soffit & Facia?

Answer Fascia and soffit go hand in hand on any house. Fascia is the trim that runs across the house between the roof and the siding. Soffit runs underneath the fascia and just above the siding. You don't... Read More »

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Vinyl Soffit & Facia Installation?

Covering eaves with vinyl paneling can be cost effective and requires little maintenance. The vinyl can be cleaned relatively simply with a garden hose and does not need to be painted periodically.... Read More »

How to Remove a Hornet's Nest Inside the Soffit & Facia Board of My Home?

Closely resembling yellow jackets, hornets are a type of wasp that inhabit most of the globe. They chew wood into papery pulp to build their hives which are dominated by a queen. If they feel threa... Read More »

Where can i purchase Herbal Soap Facia in Hyderabad?

Perhaps at the Chemist? If not, perhaps he could direct you.

How to Fix Soffit?

Soffits are the part of a house under the overhang of a roof. They are usually made of thin wood or vinyl siding material and cover the interior home rafters. This keeps wind, the elements, birds a... Read More »