How to Replace Rocker Arms?

Answer When you hear a rapid ticking sound coming from the engine, there is an issue with the rocker arms. More often than not, the ticking sound occurs because of low engine oil levels. If you check the ... Read More »

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How to Replace Rocker Arms on a 1991 Acura Legend?

The rocker arm on the Acura Legend converts radial motion from the camshaft to linear motion, which operates the valves as the engine is running. When there are problems with the rocker arms, you n... Read More »

How to Set Rocker Arms?

Valve trains are very complex pieces of equipment. Their dozens of moving parts must operate in complete harmony at very high speeds and temperatures, all the while maintaining paper-thin clearance... Read More »

How to Install Rocker Arms?

Rocker arms are an important part of the automobile combustion system. They convert radial movement to linear in order to control the opening and closing of exhaust and intake valves. If you have o... Read More »

How to Install Rocker Arms on a 350?

The rocker arms on the 350 engine are responsible for the opening and closing of the valves. Bad rocker arms can result in the engine not operating properly, or inefficiently. The rocker arms are n... Read More »