How to Replace Regulators in Subaru Legacys?

Answer All Subaru Legacy models come equipped with an electronic fuel injection system, meaning that fuel is mixed with air as it passes through an electronically controlled nozzle. Before fuel reaches th... Read More »

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How to Replace Window Regulators in an Escort?

Driving in inclement weather or even in the scorching hot summer a driver might like the creature comfort of a powerful car heater or A/C unit. If the windows in your Escort are unable to roll up ... Read More »

How to Replace 2001 T&C Window Regulators?

A damaged window regulator in your 2001 Chrysler Town and Country can put your vehicle at serious risk of being stolen if you are unable to securely close your window. If this problem does occur, y... Read More »

How to Replace Audi Window Regulators?

The window regulator in your Audi is used to move the window up and down automatically with the help of a motor or manually by turning the handle. If the regulator becomes damaged you will be unabl... Read More »

How to Replace a Subaru Key Fob?

If your Subaru key fob has been lost or damaged, you can have it replaced by any Subaru dealer. A replacement fob for any model and year Subaru costs $120 plus $20 for programming specifically for ... Read More »