How to Replace Power-steering Hoses?

Answer The power steering in your car works through a series of hydraulic hoses. When you turn the steering wheel, fluid is displaced through a control module. The fluid is forced under pressure to the st... Read More »

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How to Replace Toyota Celica High Pressure Power Steering Hoses?

The steering system on your Toyota Celica uses a hydraulic system under high pressure to assist in steering your vehicle. Pressure from the steering pump operates a piston-and-cylinder assembly thr... Read More »

How to Change Power Steering Hoses?

The power steering pump is responsible for distributing power steering fluid throughout the powered steering components. Without a properly operating pump, the ability to turn the front wheels of t... Read More »

Installing Power Steering Pump Hoses?

Removing the power steering pump hoses is a simple job, but can be messy. Before removing the hoses get something to capture the power steering fluid that will drain when the hoses are removed. A c... Read More »

How to Replace a Power Steering?

Although the power steering pumps are in many different positions on vehicles, the replacement procedure is the same. The power steering pump remains the same regardless of the type of steering whe... Read More »